Sephiroth JOINS SMASH!! The Game Awards Reveal Trailer

During The Game Awards, the Smash Bros community was treated with one final reveal of the year. During the trailer as the antagonist of the game, Galeem gets ready to wipe out the roster Smash roster once again, however, he is sliced in half and killed on impact as the smash characters, especially Cloud, are […]

Cyberpunk 2077: Here’s How Long It Takes To Beat The Game

We know many of our fellow readers just picked up the newest CD Projekt Red title Cyberpunk 2077 and are enjoying the hard work of a game that was announced roughly 8 years ago. For those who have yet to pick up the game, don’t worry about spoilers from us, but that is besides the […]

Codebreaker Now Officially A Banned Word For WWE Announcers

codebreaker wwe

With his departure from WWE in 2018 and making his way into AEW a year later, it does not come to some surprise that the name of Chris Jericho’s signature move, The Code Breaker, was going to be banned from WWE TV sometime in the near future. Well, that future is now.  RELATED: BRAUN STROWMAN […]