Harley Quinn: Everything We Know About The Crazy 3rd Season!

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If you aren’t watching Harley Quinn on HBOMax you are missing out. The DC animated series is about to receive its third season. Recently, the first trailer for the season hit the internet giving us an exciting tease for what’s to come! Now, we’re breaking down everything you can expect to see in Harley Quinn […]

Gotham Knights Will Not Take Place In The Same Continuity As The Batman: Arkham Series

With the announcement of the new Batman game, Gotham Knights, fans have speculated that the game could take place in the same continuity of the Batman: Arkham games. Recently Comicbook.com reached out to WB Games Montreal to settle the rumors of a possible connection to the Batman: Arkham games in Gotham Knights. RELATED: NEW BAT-FAMILY […]