Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Back In The DCEU And He Must Fight Black Adam

Henry Cavill is negotiating to return as Superman and there is only one fight we need to see...

After an extended period of confusion, it seems like Henry Cavill will be returning to the DCEU after all, and not just in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. While another solo movie isn’t in the cards right now, it sounds like Henry Cavill’s take on the Man Of Steel could appear in a supporting role or an extended cameo of sorts in either The Flash, Aquaman 2, Shazam 2, or Black Adam

Superman could appear in a number of DC’s incredibly long list of DCEU films in various stages of early development The following four films seem like the most likely candidates for his next appearance.

The Flash has been rumored for years to feature Cyborg as a strong supporting character, and it could be risky to incorporate three members of the Justice League into the Scarlet Speedster’s first feature length film. Shazam lost the right to feature Henry Cavill the day it was released. Aquaman could be interesting, and honestly, I’m not against it. A film that featured these two as the metahuman ambassadors of the Earth and sea could be riveting, but it’s still not my number one choice. 

Henry Cavill vs. The Rock Is The Main Event

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That honor would go to December 2021’s Black Adam. A tale of a violent villain/antihero, Teth-Adam, whose powerset is almost identical to Shazam’s, albeit derived from Egyptian gods instead of Greco-Roman ones. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been slated to play Black Adam since 2014, and after patiently suffering through years of development hell, his passion project will finally see the light of day in two short years. The film is still in pre-production at this point in time, meaning that script changes could easily be made to incorporate Henry Cavill’s beloved Clark Kent. 


Cavill’s agent is The Rock’s ex-wife, and the two are friends in real life, so the connection needed to make this come true is already in place. Pitting the two DC Titans against each other could provide DC fans with some breathtaking action. Superman/Shazam: The Return Of Black Adam already treated us with a visually stunning fight between Superman and Black Adam, but in all fairness it was really more Shazam’s fight than Superman’s. While we couldn’t expect Henry Cavill’s part in the film to be integral to the story, even a brief duel between the two would work wonders for Black Adam’s brand image. 

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Black Adam is a much more authoritarian and wrathful being than Superman, but he’s just as powerful. Superman’s vulnerability to magic also gives Black Adam the upper hand in combat. Black Adam is exactly what Bruce Wayne was afraid Superman would become in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see the DCEU’s Superman throwing down against a much darker and brutal mirror image of himself? It’d make for an unforgettable scene in Black Adam, but for now all we can do is hope.

Cavill’s future as Superman is still uncertain, but things look bright. As a fan of his take on Clark Kent, I’m really happy that he’s a priority to Warner Brothers once again. While I really hope to see him in Black Adam alongside The Rock, for now I’m content in anticipating the true conclusion to his trilogy in Zack Snyder’s Justice League



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