Lego Toy Leak Gives New Look at The Eternals, Celestials, and Possible Spoilers For Upcoming Blockbuster

There was a huge LEGO toy leak for Marvel Studios upcoming movie Eternals and we have all the images here.
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The Eternals leaks keep coming. We recently got a new look at promo images of Ikaris and Sersi and now we have even more new looks at the upcoming LEGO sets of the Marvel Studios movie.

We always have to keep in mind that LEGO sets aren’t always based on the actual movie, for example Avengers: Endgame sets that were leaked before the movie didn’t happen in the actual movie. While a set for Wonder Woman 1984 was indeed based on a scene in the movie. Nonetheless the LEGO sets could give us an example of what the new movie might ultimately show.

New LEGO Eternals Images

The set seen above features the heroes’ spaceship, that includes a callback to the classic comics, which was spotted by an eagle eyed fan on Twitter.

We then have a set featuring only a Celestial, which showcases the huge size they will have in the upcoming MCU movie. However, that isn’t exactly new info if you remember the amazing looking concept art of the Celestials that was previously seen, or the Celestial tease from Guardians of the Galaxy..

the eternals and the celestials

The other two sets showcase some fights and various team-ups between the members of the superhero team. It also shows Lauren Ridloff’s Mikkari, with a new hairstyle that we haven’t seen in previous leaks. All in all it seems that the promotional campaign is beginning to pick up for Marvel’s new project and we can’t wait to see what leaks next.

Eternals header

Eternals will hit theatres November 5th 2021.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Marvel’s sci-fi epic? Do you think the Lego sets could show some actual scenes? Let’s discuss everything in the comments down below and on our Twitter.


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