Watch The Hilarious Honest Trailers For Wonder Woman 1984

Screen Junkies is back at it again lampooning Wonder Woman 1984 in their newest episode of Honest Trailers.
Honest Trailers Wonder Woman 1984

Screen Junkies is back at it again lampooning Wonder Woman 1984 in their newest episode of Honest Trailers.

After a year in 2020 with barely any new movie releases, especially superhero releases, the new movies that did come out were naturally more scrutinized and analyzed than they even are usually. This is especially true with a franchise like the DC Extended Universe, whose movies have arrived in the past to incredible mixed reactions both critically and from fans.

In typical DC fashion, Wonder Woman 1984 earned quite the similar reception to its DCEU predecessors (except for the original Wonder Woman, which is already revered as a classic.) Fans didn’t exactly outright hate the movie, but they certainly had their problems with some of the plot points and how much of an off-road diversion it took from the original in 2017.

Honest Trailers: Wonder Woman 1984

Screen Junkies was one of the groups that clearly had their issues with the movie, which they highlighted in their widely popular Honest Trailers series. For their latest release, they did a full Honest Trailer on Wonder Woman 1984!

Starting right off the bat with the fact that there were barely any new DC releases and none from Marvel in 2020, the trailer brings the laugh by using Max Lord’s ending move of the movie, when he renounced his wish. Honest Trailers points out how director Patty Jenkins mostly tried to amp up everything in this highly anticipated sequel, but that it ultimately turned out to be mostly a mess (a “hot mess,” as specifically mentioned).

With hysterical mentions of going to Themyscira (aka Flashback Island) and the same mall from Stranger Things, the trailer explores how Diana changes from wide-eyed optimist to “I don’t even HAVE a TV.” Unable to get over Steve Trevor from 70 years ago, she’s incredibly lucky to find “a wishing ****” that allows her to bring him back in some random dude’s body in the 80s.

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Moving on to Max Lord gaining the power to use the “wish wang” to make other people’s hair move softly in the wind, he is said to go “full Jafar” and make things go so crazy that even the screenwriters have no idea what’s going on. Diana is forced to sacrifice her love so that nobody else can have their own wish before everything goes back to normal, and Honest Trailers comments how on incredibly grim it is. This is followed up with a joking riff on Zack Snyder and if his involvement was more than initially reported.

Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva is tackled next, and the trailer can’t help but point out not only how nerdy she is, but how similar she is to other classic comic book movie villains of the past. Clips of Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy from Batman & Robin, Jim Carrey’s Riddler from Batman Forever, and a triple dose of Disney/Marvel villains (Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian, and Syndrome from The Incredibles) precede the reveal of Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman from Batman Returns.


Honest Trailers finishes off with the reveal of the real villains being the men who catcall women all throughout the movie before it comments on the state of movies these days, especially with Wonder Woman 1984 being the biggest VOD release potentially ever. The Honest Names are as hilarious as ever, particularly the Max Lord-Mandalorian connection, and the Honest Title turns out to be Zazu’s “Cheetahs never prosper” line from The Lion King.

Honest Trailers

All in all, this was another hysterical episode of Honest Trailers, and it’s a much needed laugh considering the continuing state of world affairs. Wonder Woman 1984 is now available to stream on HBO Max.


Source: Screen Junkies


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