Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Love’s All Over

Wynonna Earp returns for the final six episodes of the beloved Syfy series.

[Warning: this contains major spoilers for Season 4 episode 7 of Wynonna Earp, “Love’s All Over”]

Wynonna Earp picks up about one month after WayHaught got engaged and WynDoc split. Wynonna is handling it about as well as anyone would expect, with booze, demon hunting, and self-loathing.

The heir arrives late to the small engagement celebration for the happy couple, but tries to make amends with a hastily thrown together bachelorette party at a strip club, downside for Nicole it’s male strippers. While there, Wynonna continues to spiral and Waverly makes a bet with one of the strippers, Demetri, that love is real. She cites her own relationship, including how Nicole died for her and Waverly killed for Nicole, as proof. Demetri has sinister intentions with this bet, slipping a vial of love glitter into Waverly’s jacket pocket.

And Midsummer Night’s Dream shenanigans ensue with Nicole quickly falling more in love with Waverly to the point of desperation, as well as Bunny Lowbla and the Demon Amon falling for the angelic Earp sister. Wynonna falls for Amon, hilariously attempting to jump the demon at every opportunity and Doc’s glitter-based love draws him to none other than Cleo Clanton, after he checks on the last living Clanton following the murder of her brother and mother.

Wynonna Earp

These shenanigans continue at the WayHaught engagement party with Amon, Bunny, and Nicole attempting to one up each other for Waverly’s attention. Along with Wynonna Earp spilling the vial of glitter on everyone, except Waverly, in an attempt to get Amon to fall for her.


Waverly manages to get Demetri’s help after learning that he’s a Cupid and convincing him that love is real, by proof of not only her and Nicole, but Doc and Wynonna and his own broken heart. Although the estranged couple, Doc and Wynonna, is under the love spell it’s obvious their love for each other is true. Even though it’s buried beneath the pain that has left the pair at an impasse that seems impossible to move beyond at this point. Wynonna wishing to hold on a little longer after the spell is broken is perhaps the most devastating moments in the entire episode.


This Wynonna Earp episode has a more light-hearted tone than we’ve seen recently, but feels a bit empty without moving anything forward in the overall plot or character growth. In an episode like this, it works best when something deeper about the characters comes to light, but it didn’t feel like that happened in the seventh episode of Wynonna Earp’s fourth season.

The conflict between Waverly and Nicole felt rushed, with Waverly mentioning that Nicole simply wants to go to the courthouse and Wynonna telling her to be honest with Nicole about dreaming about a beautiful wedding since she was a kid. By the end of the episode, following the cupid caused shenanigans, Waverly announces they have decided on a “medium fussy wedding”. Not a single conversation about this is shown between the pair which makes the conflict feel unnecessary and falls flat.

Wynonna Earp
WYNONNA EARP — “Love’s All Over” Episode 407 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Wynonna seems to be spiraling after her fallout with Doc. This is evidenced by her drunkenly hunting for demons in the woods and then later sleeping with the Demon owner of The Glory Hole, Amon, after constantly pointing a gun at him whenever they meet during the episode.

“All I want is to stop feeling guilty for what I am, when what I am is necessary.”

This statement is the inherent difference between Doc and Wynonna at this point. Wynonna accepts her duty as the heir and everything that means, while Doc has begun a path to become a new and better man. Wynonna’s decision to shoot Holt Clanton in the back is something that Doc seems unable to get past, which is understandable, but in his quest for redemption he may have just caused the downfall of those he loves.


Although effected by the Cupid’s love glitter, he did manage to give Cleo a rousing pep talk that has led to the last of the Clantons continuing her family’s lust for vengeance against the Earps. Admittedly she has more reason to want to kill Wynonna and her family after the murder of her brother. Cleo not only has her brother Billy, the reaper back, but based on the screeching coming from the pit there is no shortage of Reapers to do the last Clanton heir’s bidding.


Demetri is a fun character and the fact that he was Amon’s ex is an interesting turn of events, but it doesn’t seem like his character has a larger part to play in the overall story. This may just be my opinion, but given the fact that Demetri, the Cupid, had scars from the removal of his wings this felt like it could have been an opportunity to further explore Waverly’s angelic heritage. That may have been because I was hoping for a more substantial revelation in one of the final six episodes and midseason premiere.


It may not be fair to judge this episode as a true midseason premiere considering it was never intended as such. Before COVID this was meant to debut right after “Holy War Part 2” in a season that was twelve consecutive episodes. This wasn’t necessarily expected to be the last season, as Syfy initially renewed Wynonna Earp for seasons 4 and 5. Within the context of this being the first of the final six episodes it leaves something to be desired. This episode doesn’t seem to move the central plot of the seasons forward in a way that feels meaningful and it doesn’t have a very heavy relevance to the characters in a way that reveals anything new.

Wynonna Earp

The major outcome from this episode is that Cleo Clanton is going to cause trouble as she tries to take down the Earps along with her now returned Reaper brother, Billy, and the countless other reapers that she seems to have. Doc knows the truth about Nicole’s deal to bring them back from The Garden and many of the other revelations were an obvious outcome of the events of Wynonna Earp episodes “Holy War Part One” and “Holy War Part Two”.

Doc is on a path of redemption as he tries to become a better man, Wynonna has accepted her duty as the heir and this has caused a rift between the pair. Wynonna is on a downwards spiral now that Doc has judged her as unworthy. Nicole and Waverly are finally engaged, hopefully we get to see a Wayhaught wedding before the series ends.

Had this not been the midseason premiere and the first of only six remaining episodes of Wynonna Earp it would have worked better as a light-hearted filler episode following the intense first six episodes of the season. However, knowing we don’t have much of this beloved shit show left to look forward to, “Love’s All Over” leaves me wishing it had been more. Earpers can get an inside look into the making of Wynonna Earp “Love’s All Over” in the behind the scenes video below.

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