More Details On Bray Wyatt’s Shocking Release And His Relationship With Vince

Since Bray Wyatt’s release more details have come out surrounding his release and the lead up to it.
WWE Bray Wyatt

Since Bray Wyatt’s release more details have come out surrounding his release and the lead up to it.

WWE has made some amazingly dumb choices in their hisory and in the last six they have stepped that up to the next level. The entire wrestling world was shocked to see guys like Samoa Joe and Aleister Black get released a few months ago. Then shortly after Braun Strowman was released and everyone scratched their head on that release. However, the release of Bray Wyatt due to budget cuts has everyone angry and shaken to the core.


Bray Wyatt had what was widely regarded as the best and most popular gimmick in wrestling at the moment with the Wyatt/The Fiend split personalities. WWE had done a lot to showcase Wyatt and he always rose to the occasion and killed it. The potential of  Bray Wyatt was never doubted by anyone.

Gone But Not Forgotten

The last we saw Bray Wyatt wrestle was at WrestleMania and the last we saw him was at RAW the following night which was April 12. Bray Wyatt took some time off after for unknown “medical reasons.” We don’t know what took him out for so long which is a bit weird to not hear of a surgery or a physical injury being the reason. However, Wyatt had just missed a chunk of time before that which makes a physical injury less likely  It could be perhaps a mental health thing that took him out. Keith Lee just took some time off for that reason, so it isn’t unheard of.  

WWE Bray Wyatt/The Fiend
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Bray Wyatt had just gotten cleared to return to the ring and had tweeted out how much he missed the fans. It doesn’t seem like he had any indication of his impending release.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Bray Wyatt wasn’t happy with the direction his character was going in. He went as far as saying people within WWE had said Wyatt “wasn’t receptive” to ideas pitched to him which didn’t fit the direction he wanted for his character. Like maybe losing to Goldberg and losing his last two matches against Randy Orton and losing them relatively quickly which shocked everyone.


It was clear Bray Wyatt had gotten a lot of freedom and say-so for his character with the whole Firefly Funhouse idea and an evil Mr. Rogers mixed with an ‘80s slasher movie villain. I have never seen anything like that and it was amazing to watch. Very few people have gotten that kind of freedom with their character especially in WWE, but it looked like Wyatt did  However, maybe he had become too stubborn with his character for WWE and budget issues gave them an excuse to release him.

WWE Bray Wyatt/The Fiend
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Bray Wyatt And Vince’s Relationship Was “Hot And Cold” Like Our Relationship With WWE

According to PWInsider via Ringside News the relationship between Wyatt and Vince “ran very hot and cold at times.”  In no doubt because of the direction WWE was planning on taking Wyatt’s character and Wyatt not wanting to give in.

It was also revealed that Vince has given Nick Khan full freedom to make whatever cuts he sees fit. It looked like that was the case when Strowman was released, but Wyatt’s release confirms it as both were top guys and paid as such. WWE is saving a lot of money and are making record profits following these releases. However, could losing some of the most popular wrestlers be harmful in the long term?

No One Is Safe From Nick Khan And His Budget Cuts

The thing which is really scary following Wyatt’s release is that almost no one is safe. My guess would be only Roman Reigns, Goldberg, John Cena, Edge and maybe Charlotte Flair are the only ones who are safe. However, everyone else is fair game. In the past WWE would release a few people who weren’t doing much to save money, but now they release one of the top people to save money.  Next it could be Orton, Kevin Owens, Alexa Bliss, Seth Rollins, or Bayley and that is crazy to think about.  

Do you think Bray Wyatt will end up in AEW or will he go to Japan or IMPACT? Do you think he should take Strowman with him? If he goes to AEW is there anyone you would love to see him face? Do you think he should take his talents to The Dark Order? One thing is for sure and that’s Wyatt truly has the whole wrestling world in his hands and could go anywhere he wants.  


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