DC Studios: 7 Canceled DC Movies That James Gunn & Peter Safran Should Revive 

Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are the new co-CEOs and co-chairs of DC Studios, here are 7 canceled movies that the new company heads should revive .

DC Studios is the official new title of the DC Universe, formerly known as the DCEU. Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are the new co-CEOs and co-chairs of DC Studios, here are 7 canceled movies that the new company heads should revive when they officially start in those positions on November 1st. 

James Gunn has a long history working with the MCU, the most successful mega-franchise in history. He has worked with the DC Universe on The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker prior to his promotion, to mixed results. However, most agree that he has a unique voice that is a credit to his projects.


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Peter Safran has produced several DC Universe movies as well. Safran has also worked on The Conjuring universe. Those horror movies comprise the most successful interconnected film franchise not based on comic books. 

Although some of their projects have turned out better than others, Peter Safran and James Gunn are well-qualified for their new positions. They could steer DC Studios towards greatness, perhaps even out from under the shadow of the MCU. 


The future of DC Studios is currently in a state of fluctuation. Plans can and will change, and unexpected movies and TV shows could be produced. 

The following are 7 canceled movies that should be brought to life by DC Studios under Gunn & Saffran


David Ayer filmed a suicide squad movie years ago that has never been seen by the general public. His film was ripped to pieces by an administration that didn’t care about the artistry, only the profits. 

The theatrically released Suicide Squad (2016) is not an accurate reflection of David Ayer’s adaptation of Task Force X. Director David Ayer has been campaigning for the release of his director’s cut for years, but the old guard wanted nothing to do with it. 

Peter Safran and James Gunn would earn the hearts of many Suicide Squad fans by releasing this film, and it’s already filmed and edited!

 Outside of a marketing campaign, expenses for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad would be very low relative to other superhero media coming to DC Universe. 


Deadshot as portrayed by Will Smith is one of the highlights of the unbalanced and messy Suicide Squad (2016). Will Smith’s true performance as the Floyd Laywton/Deadshot has never been seen before. 

That could all change with the release of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. DC Studios could capitalize on the hype of that release by reviving the canceled Deadshot movie. Will Smith is one of the strongest actors in the game, and he deserves to comeback in a big way after the controversy of the Chris Rock slapping incident. 

A Deadshot movie could feature characters from either Suicide Squad or The Suicide Squad, such as Bloodsport and Peacemaker. He could fight against Batfleck, challenge Deathstroke for title of “world’s best assassin”, or simply fight to keep his daughter safe. The potential lying dormant in a Will Smith Deadshot movie is massive, and DC Studios should take advantage of that.


Joe Manganiello is a great actor and a giant nerd with a fiery passion for Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke. Slade was introduced to the DCU several years ago, in a post-credit scene to Justice League (2017). Unfortunately, his potential on the silver screen was squandered by a group of executives who didn’t know how to capitalize on greatness.

Director Gareth Evans’ concept for the movie is as strong today as it was when he pitched it. “…Really lean, like nothing more than 100 minutes origin story that would feel really within the vein of the Korean noir films that I was watching at the time and am really into.”

There is almost no doubt that Joe Manganiello would be thrilled to return to the role of Deathstroke as part of the new DC Studios saga. Teen Titans fans love him, the casting is pitch-perfect, and a Deathstroke movie could lead to the rebirth of another dead DC movie


Ben Affleck’s time as Batman has been a long and arduous journey. His initial casting was met with a very mixed reception from fans. A solo movie that would have featured a face-off against Deathstroke was once in development before it was canceled. 

Affleck’s debut performance in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was polarizing, to say the least. After a brief cameo in Suicide Squad, an uninspired performance in Justice League (2017), and a much better outing as The Dark Knight in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the opinion on “Batfleck” is still very divided. 

Ben Affleck’s next time suiting up as Batman comes in The Flash, and it was rumored to be his final performance. But other rumors suggest that Batfleck will return once more for Aquaman 2 and possibly a Crisis On Infinite Earths movie. 

DC Studios should capitalize on the dozens of fans who love Ben Affleck’s complex and nuanced work as the Caped Crusader by reinvesting in a solo film. A Batfleck movie could be totally different from and wonderfully complementary to The Batman franchise. 


Imagine if Thanos briefly waved at The Avengers through a portal, never to be seen again. That would suck, right? Unfortunately, DC Studios has that very problem on their hand, except with Darkseid and the Justice League instead of Marvel characters. 

Darkseid knows the Anti-Life Equation is on earth and wants it more than anything. He has an army of incredible power on Apokolips, and he has every reason to launch an attack on the earth. But he doesn’t…not because that makes sense, but because DC studios can’t figure out how to make Justice League 2 work. 

It’s high time that this massive DC Universe plot hole is taken care of. Zack Snyder set up a massive storyline to follow ZSJL, and while the story may not be exactly what he planned in the past, several of those threads need to be unraveled further. 

Justice League 2 could further develop the Knightmare timeline, the storylines of Cyborg and Martian Manhunter, and so much more. Wayne T. Carr’s Green Lantern performance could finally happen for the fans, and Darkseid’s wrath could be unleashed in full force. 

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to bring Zack Snyder back for Justice League 2, if he would have DC Studios. After all, Hollywood knows that they need him more than he needs them. 


DC Studios have a big Cyborg problem on their hands. While they have a successful and beloved version of the character on TV through Joivan Wade’s role as Cyborg on Doom Patrol, that may not last. Rumors suggest a cancellation awaits Doom Patrol and Titans after the release of their fourth seasons. 

On the big screen, Cyborg has struggled. Joss Whedon eviscerated Victor Stone’s character arc when creating the bastardized Justice League (2017). Therefore, when Ray Fisher’s true performance was finally unveiled on HBO Max through Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it was to a smaller audience and without theatrical exhibition. 

Cyborg is a great character, played by a strong actor in Ray Fisher. Fisher endured abuse and toxicity on the set of Justice League, and his problems with Warner Bros. executives like Walter Hamada are well documented. 

Bringing Ray Fisher back as Cyborg may be easier said than done. But a solo movie could spin directly out of Justice League 2. DC Studios needs to continue the story of Victor Stone in the DCU. 


Jack Kirby’s Fourth World stories from the world of DC Comics are rich, layered tales. The Fourth World line is where characters like Darkseid, Mister Miracle, Granny Goodness, Desaad, and Big Barda come from. 

They are conceptually very similar to the Eternals, also created by Jack Kirby. A DCU movie from Ava DuVernay and Tom King was in development before meeting an untimely demise. 

The Eternals movie from Marvel proved that audiences have a hunger for adaptations of Jack Kirby’s high-concept, operatic storytelling. Justice League 2 could introduce the New Gods seamlessly, opening the door wide for a DC Studios New Gods revival from King and DuVernay. 

There have been many DC movies planned at one point or another that have been axed. So many have great potential for the big screen, but the list above features our top picks for revival. Those 7 films would build off each other and add untold value to DC Studios and the DCU as a whole. 

Which canceled movie would you like to see revived the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media



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