New Power Rangers Lightning Collection GameStop Pink Ranger Items Revealed

Hasbro held a Fan First Friday event for the Power Rangers brand, which was focused on the Pink Ranger, namely the "Pioneers in Pink" for the franchise.
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Hasbro held one of their Fan First Friday events today for the Power Rangers brand which was focused all on Pink Rangers, namely the “Pioneers in Pink” for the franchise, Kimberly and Katherine from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


New items were announced as part of the GameStop Pink Ranger capsule, which is to be released during the upcoming “Power Month” event Hasbro is hosting this August. The focus of this capsule, which is a series of items released at a certain retailer all under a common theme, was previously discussed at the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest event in April.

Pink Ranger Lightning Collection Unveiled

The first item revealed was the Cel-Shaded MMPR Pink figure. This release introduces a new comic-like paint scheme that makes it look like it’s popping out of a panel. The box for the release has a new style of artwork to reflect this as well compared to the normal type of art the line typically sees.

While a Kimberly head is not included in this release, it is the first Lightning Collection figure to come with all three types of the Blade Blaster weapon, which had previously been released across multiple figures. This figure is expected to release in August from GameStop and October from Hasbro Pulse.

Next was the MMPR Pink & Zeo Pink 2 Pack. Continuing the MMPR Pink trend is a re-release of the original Wave 2 2019 figure but with an updated helmet sculpt and a new Katherine character head. This new Kat head is different from her original sculpt in the Metallic Armor release. The accessories are the same from the original Kimberly figure except for the effect piece being for the Blade Blaster instead of the Power Bow.

Kat will be joined by another version of herself as the Zeo Pink Ranger. This figure is the first one to be released using a female Zeo Ranger mold, as well as a new weapon effect piece that can fit in the negative space in her shield. Her sidearms are the same as the ones that came out with previous Zeo Ranger releases but she also features a new Kat character likeness as well. The final accessory for the set is Kat in her original feline form, nicknamed P.C. by the Rangers. These Kat’s are expected to ship in August from GameStop and December from Hasbro Pulse.

The long-rumored/leaked MMPR Pink Ranger Helmet was the third item shown off. Continuing in the trend of the MMPR White and Red Helmets that came before it this release will include a display stand and an adjustable headpiece on the inside. Expected to ship in July from GameStop and October from Hasbro Pulse.

Finally was the MMPR Pink Ranger Power Morpher, a repaint of the regular Power Morpher that released at Walmart in 2020. This version looks quite similar to those featured in 1995’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, but takes its own spin on that design. Included are the main 5 Power Coins which unlock a series of sounds from Kimberly based on what coin is inserted. This item is expected to ship in July from GameStop and October from Hasbro Pulse.

Before signing off for the day the Hasbro team gave a tease for an upcoming figure, which seems to be box art of the mouth-plate of the evil Machine Empire Cogs, though time will tell if that’s what it pans out to be.

All of these items are available for pre-order exclusively on with limited supplies available on Hasbro Pulse while supplies last.

Pictures of all items © Hasbro

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