Harley Quinn: Everything We Know About The Crazy 3rd Season!

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If you aren’t watching Harley Quinn on HBOMax you are missing out. The DC animated series is about to receive its third season. Recently, the first trailer for the season hit the internet giving us an exciting tease for what’s to come! Now, we’re breaking down everything you can expect to see in Harley Quinn […]

Ms. Marvel’s Magnificent Post-Credits Scene EXPLAINED!

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This morning the Season Finale of Ms. Marvel hit Disney+ leaving fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a lot to talk about. Now, we are breaking down the scene and what it means for the future of the MCU! Watch The Illuminerdi break it all down here: Ms. Marvel‘s Post Credits Scene EXPLAINED! ***SPOILERS Ahead For Ms. […]

Is Tony Stark The 7th Illuminati Member in Doctor Strange 2?

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According to an interview with Empire, Tony Stark was the one responsible for the creation of Ultron on Earth-838. This reality was one of several focused on in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. On Earth-838, we were introduced to The Illuminati, a team of powerful and genius heroes who protected their reality.  Watch The […]