The High Republic: New Star Wars Animated Series Reportedly In Development

The Star Wars universe is reportedly going to bring fans and viewers back to the old times. The time of the High Republic.
Star Wars The High Republic

The Star Wars universe is reportedly going to bring fans and viewers back to the old times. The time of the High Republic.

This was a time where there was no Galactic Empire, political corruption, and Galactic civil unrest. A period where there was reported peace in the Star Wars galaxy. It was also a time when the Republic and Jedi Knights were seen as a beacon of hope.

After the Skywalker Saga officially ended after Rise Of Skywalker, Lucasfilm and Disney announced to fans that they were going to explore a period in the Star Wars universe before The Phantom Menace. Lucasfilm and Disney called this period, The High Republic.

The Time For The High Republic Is Near


The High Republic is set to be the new timeline that Disney and Lucasfilm are eager to explore. Lucasfilm announced that they would be making a sub-series of printed media content based on that time period. These printed media would include short stories, comic books, and novels. But it’s now been announced that Lucasfilm is reportedly going to develop an animated series based on The High Republic.

The Star Wars franchise has had a huge resurgence in the pop culture world, with mixed, negative, and positive reactions. After the mixed responses from fans following the sequel trilogy, Lucasfilm began to look for fresh new ideas, while keeping the same successful formula of Star Wars. in a new tab)

Fortunately, Disney and Lucasfilm were able to give us that through both the TV and animated mediums. Examples include Star Wars: Rebels, and the epic final season of Clone Wars (with a spinoff series called The Bad Batch in development). Then also of course the highly popular and successful Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian. With the reported development of an animated series based on The High Republic, there are so many possibilities for Disney and Lucasfilm to explore.

What is The High Republic?

The High Republic, according to Lucasfilm, is a time period in the Star Wars universe set 200 years before the Skywalker Saga and will focus on new fresh stories. The main focus of this time period will be an event called the “Great Disaster”.

The High Republic

The beings that caused the incident will be a race called the Nihil. The Nihil according to Lucasfilm will be the series main antagonists and are portrayed as “Space Vikings.” However Lucasfilm also revealed that the Jedi have subsequently also caused “The Great Disaster,” due to an intervention of them trying to stop the Nihil. The High Republic will also explore the Jedi in the height of their power and possibly explore the origins of the Sith.

Lucasfilm’s rumored The High Republic animated series has many story possibilities. We can expect Lucasfilm to mainly focus adapting the upcoming books, novels, and short stories of The High Republic.

The first Phase of The High Republic is reportedly called “The Light Of The Jedi”. “The Light Of The Jedi” arc is reportedly to have one short story, two comic series, and five main book novels. If we were to guess, Lucasfilm will adapt “Light Of The Jedi” in their planned The High Republic animated Star Wars series.

The High Republic


With the announcement of the new The High Republic animated series, it’s great to be a Star Wars fan. So far Star Wars’ television and animated series have been highly successful with fans and critics. With planned live-action series featuring Obi-Wan, Rogue One character Cassian Andor, and a rumored Ashoka Tano led series on the way, the excitement is at an all-time high.

Hopefully with the continued success, Lucasfilm can also adapt stories based on the Extended Legends universe if they choose. The Great Jedi-Sith War, The Old Republic, Darth Bane’s Rule Of Two, a series involving a younger Master Yoda, and of course a show based on Star Wars fan-favorite Darth Revan, are all exciting possibilities now that this door is opening. Whatever the future holds for Star Wars, we know the light of that beloved galaxy far, far away is bright.

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