SWORD’s New Mission Defined: Save Wanda Or Reality Dies

Episode 4 of WandaVision has brought reality crashing down around us all. In this feature, we explore S.W.O.R.D. and the new course that was set for the hit Marvel show.
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Everything is different now. Episode 4 of WandaVision has brought reality crashing down around us all. No surprise there. Many of the Easter eggs based on the first three episodes are as much fantasy interwoven with reality like the frequencies & “CMBR” (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) Wanda Maximoff is emitting from within Westview.

Along with the “relic radiation dating back to the Big Bang”, we now have the best answer to what WandaVision has been all about up to this point: Perspective. I had the pleasure of sharing all of my big game theories, prior to Ep. 4’s release, dissecting every line and nuance that could be picked up…only to learn that every bit of episode 1 to 3 is a record of Wanda’s (transmuted and transmitted) reaction to a stimulus yet seen. This twist takes Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang quote about ‘Back To The Future being BS’ and magnifies the sentiment 100 times over.

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Yes, Feige, Schaeffer, Shakman & Co. hedged the greatest short sale of an MCU story in history! Because you followed me down that rabbit hole in “Shadow Over Westview Pt I & II“, I felt you deserved to have me waiting on the other side of Wanda’s Hex energy field with a break down of Episode 4. After all, we are invested in this together. (pun game still on point? Check!)

The Rambeau Family Takes The Lead

Leading into this episode we know people in Westview were slowly becoming semi-aware that something was off about their world. Even Vision, whom Darcy states is “not blipped, but dead”, shows signs of awareness. But how? Our minds are first shocked to see that not only was Monica Rambeau one of the victims of Thanos’ snap, but her mother Maria died from cancer two years afterwards. Calculating Monica’s three year return after that tragic event, the story stays consistent that everyone snapped was blipped back by Professor Hulk, Bruce Banner, in Avengers: Endgame within a five-year time span. 

As predicted, Monica Rambeau is the “air” apparent to the story arc that began in Captain Marvel and is currently trailblazing through WandaVision. She was the star agent at S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient Weapons Observation and Response Division) before she disappeared. A natural development of her character since she witnessed her mother (one of SWORD’s founders) fly off into space with Nick Fury, Talos and her “Auntie Carol” to find The Tesseract and Skrull refugees, hidden on a cloaked laboratory in the Earth’s orbit. That would be a lot to process for anyone, but not Monica.


It seems she knew what she was destined to be since infancy…a space pilot and explorer just like her Mommy! Within three weeks of her “blipping” back, Monica is at SWORD Headquarters (in an undisclosed location) and being brought up to speed by acting Director, Tyler Hayward. This name sounds very familiar but I can’t figure out why yet.

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