Top 8 Super Heroes Who Probably Smoke Weed

Do you ever wonder if your favorite superhero secretly smokes weed? Are you curious about the possibility of stoned characters? Discover eight potentials.

A List of Stoned Characters and Superheroes who probably smoke weed.

When you think of your favorite comic book heroes, it’s probably not easy to name stoned characters. The absence of weed and other controversial consumables from comic books is due to legislation prohibiting it. If, however, you look more closely at the information provided for each superhero, you might pick up clues.  When considering personality traits, environmental factors, and character history, it’s easier to figure out who dabbled with weed. There may even be a superhero or two who grow high-yield marijuana seeds in secret. 

Are you ready to discover which heroes dated Mary Jane (besides Spider-Man, who has a relationship with her)? 


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1. Hulk 

Louis Letterier Incredible Hulk
Weed might’ve saved this city

The Hulk is the green giant responsible for mass destruction and damage to countless cities. He’s the product of a gamma radiation experiment gone awry and the alter-ego of timid scientist Dr. Bruce Banner. 

The logically minded doctor has no control over the actions of the Hulk, who comes out when Banner gets angry. The scientist tries various treatments and alternative therapies to remedy the problem, but nothing helps. 

To minimize the chances of Hulk appearing, Bruce Banner must remain calm. What better way to get yourself to a serene mental space than with a toke or two?

There’s even a strain named after the scientist. This tribute is an indication that the Hulk is a weed superhero. 

2. Rogue

The only female superhero to make this list. She has a rebellious streak and, as such, probably does a couple of things outside of the protocol. 

She started her super career as a villain and later joined the X-Men. The name Rogue began as a nickname after she ran away from home because of her aunt’s controlling nature. 

That fact is enough to require a joint to calm down. However, her ability to absorb and mimic other heroes’ powers probably takes a mental toll. What better way to destress and feel like herself than by lighting up a potent indica?

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3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem
Seth Rogen is writing this movie. Weed is involved in some way.

While they’re a group of superheroes, they tend to do most things together. The biped turtles display several signs that raise suspicions. 

Despite the enemies they face or the stressful situations they encounter, they remain chilled. They have calm, peaceful demeanors, and nothing seems to dampen their spirits. 

The mutant brothers display signs of 420 munchies. They’re always hungry and obsessed with pizza and quickly become mesmerized when watching T.V.

4. Superman

This guy should probably smoke weed.

Seeing Superman and weed in the same sentence may seem shocking, but if you dig deeper, you’ll understand why. The hero has all the qualities of an upstanding citizen but comes from another planet. 

He must ensure that his superhero actions align with what the public views as good and just. At the same time, he maintains a secret identity, a normal career, and tries to woo the love of his life. 

With so much pressure, something has to give unless he has some assistance in dealing with it all. A natural herb helps him unwind and let go at the end of the day.

5. Batman 

ben affleck batman
We saw the dragon tattoo

Some comic book fans adore Batman, while others believe he isn’t spectacular because he doesn’t have any innate superhuman abilities. Instead, he uses wit, intelligence, and a range of fancy gadgets to do his vigilante work. 

Batman’s romantic trope doesn’t follow the usual comic book style, as he keeps much of his life private. 

The superhero subjects himself to a range of chemicals to help him fight specific villains. He needs to keep his cool under pressure and hide his true identity. 

A toke or two of the green herb may be the secret to his success in handling stressful situations. It’s not easy to picture stoner Batman, but when he’s alone in his lab, he might just be taking a puff or two to get his mind off things.

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6. Deadpool

What would you do if you couldn’t die? The prospect of immortality only seems exciting to those who aren’t cursed with it. After a while, the magnitude of living for eternity in an ever-changing world gets overwhelming. That’s where magical marijuana comes in. 

He talks a lot and has a positive attitude despite his predicament. Deadpool takes on Wolverine and other rivals with an upbeat demeanor. 

He constantly cracks jokes and has a second voice in his head. These signs hint that Deadpool may indulge in potent THC-rich weed. 

His body is resistant to most intoxicating substances, so to feel even slightly inebriated, the anti-hero needs to ingest a lot.

7. Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 5 Spidey and Miles

A teenager who discovers he has superpowers is already a hint. Although he probably wouldn’t publicize it, the Avenger has probably dated Mary Jane (in more than one way). 

Having power and responsibilities all thrust upon him at such a young age is a lot to handle. Having to keep it all a secret while attending school and keeping up with a regular routine is even more overwhelming. 

A possibility is that he starts his day with a toke of sativa to improve his focus and clarity. He then thrives off the energy boost to get him through the day. Spider-Man’s weed secret is even more hidden than his identity.

8. The Flash

The Flash Ezra Miller

The quick-moving superhero is known for lab experiments as a police scientist. Initially, he may have opposed using cannabis, but when you’re breaking the sound barrier so often, you need to take time to recharge. 

As you can imagine, The Flash probably finds it challenging to slow down. One way of forcing himself to unwind is with marijuana, a potent indica that induces couch-lock. 

While the effects most likely won’t lead to body melt, it should be enough to get this fast-paced hero to chill out.

Stoner Superheroes

While all these possibilities are debatable, it’s exciting to think that even those with superhuman abilities may enjoy weed. Looking closely at the personality traits of the prospective stoned characters makes them more relatable. 

Now that you know which superheroes possibly smoke weed, why not try a strain you think your favorite character may enjoy?

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