WandaVision: Star Debra Jo Rupp Clues Us Into The Devil In The Details Of Episode 3 And Beyond

In a recent interview, WandaVision star Debra Jo Rupp leaves new bread crumbs for the future of the series.
WandaVision Debra Jo Rupp

In a recent interview, WandaVision star Debra Jo Rupp drops some new bread crumbs for the future of the series.

Many thought, and still think, we Marvel fans were out of our minds the way we’d sit still in our seats after a Marvel Studios’ film was seemingly over. In the first decade of the MCU, I can remember my family and I watch people look at us like a weird cult; the way we stared at the screen, credits rolling to music that historically and instinctively told us, “You don’t have to go home, but you have to get the hell out of here”.

We sat as still as protesters in the sit-in-diners during the Civil Rights Movement. All the while anticipating what had become known as the Marvel “end credit” scene, or as Paul Bettany has recently shared with us all, the “tag”

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Reason being, Marvel is the best at keeping their fans in their seats with little details, exchanges, and Easter eggs that could mean the world to comic book fans. From the first appearance of Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury in Iron Man, to Tony Stark showing up in a bar to engage William Hurt’s Thaddeus Ross in the “tag” of The Incredible Hulk, Marvel carefully teased The Avengers.


They’ve reworked scenes into MCU canon after the fact too. A great example of that is the studio retconning the little boy with the Iron Man mask being saved by Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, by later deciding that he was Peter Parker as a child before he became Spider-Man. Returning back to Nick Fury, Thanos’ snap dusted he and Maria Hill, leaving nothing left but a pager with Captain Marvel’s symbol on it in the “tag” from Infinity War. Each detail via the Marvel method of storytelling, has kept us chomping at the bit, wanting and expecting more. 


Since the release of WandaVision, viewers have been clamoring about Marvel’s attention to details, while not necessarily understanding what they all mean, if anything at all. The scope and undertaking by director, Matt Shakman’s time period episodes are pure genius and the super talented Debra Joe Rupp (That 70’s Show) spiritedly agrees! Setting the tone for the whole series with her “Stop it” scene, the veteran sitcom & stage actress plays the doting wife to Vision’s boss, Mr Hart. Although it wasn’t a “tag”, the significance of her dramatic introduction to WandaVision and the MCU has yet to be completely understood.

WandaVision Star Debra Jo Rupp On The New Show

WandaVision Debra Jo Rupp Sokovian Hello

Leading into Episode 3 of WandaVision, Rupp confirmed that the “micro-foreshadowing” of these episodes is done purposely, and that one small detail could actually mean so much more during her recent interview with Screenrant:

“There was a particular direction (to the “Stop It” scene), and I cannot share it……it was one of the more interesting things I’ve been asked to do…It was very fun, because I also knew where it fit in, so I knew the impact it was gonna have…It was like doing two things at once; one inside and one on the face. That’s what it was and I’m not saying anything else…”

She also explains that she was kept somewhat in the dark as well:

“…I was given a very general view….I don’t take no for an answer. I just kept asking questions until I was like a gnat that they could not swat away one more time. I kept getting a little more information, and little more information, then I would be in scenes where there was a need to know. So I have my whole little story going on…of what I believe is happening.”

Debra Jo Rupp was then asked with how much collaboration she had on the Mrs. Hart character, or if director Matt Shakman had it all planned out. This is how she responded:

“No. It was laid out, and you are absolutely right. When you look at the script it seems very simple, ya know…And then when I watch it, I go, Oh My God! I didn’t know this fit in to this, fit into this, and fit in to this! It is really very complicated. I didn’t know that….It seems simple but it’s so not. It’s fascinating to me. Fascinating.”. 

She was then asked what about the future of the show most excites her and Rupp’s answer should speak to the soul of every Marvel fan that has been watching WandaVision from the beginning:

“All those little Twilight Zone(y) moments that happen…those are genius! Sorry they are; they’re genius. And some of them are very surprising to me. Because you read it on a script and you know…the light blinks…but then you see it and you go, ‘Ooooh’. Those are the things I look forward to. I look forward to the audience reaction because I’m telling you, these ‘Marvel people’, they pick everything apart.” 

Yes, we do Ms. Debra. 

WandaVision Pregnant Labor

In Episode 3, as Wanda gives birth to the first of the twins (Tommy), we see the “lights blink” alright; among many other things! Artwork spins, a hanging chandelier crashes on the dining table and the fire place plumes itself (better than Wanda attempted to plume the stork with red smoke)! Surprised by the coming of the second twin (Billy), Wanda’s screams turn into an echo chamber like bellow. It’s almost as if she is losing her soul while giving life to something else.


As stated in a previous WandaVision article, we know that the demon, Mephisto orchestrated an “anti-immaculate” conception for Wanda’s pregnancy in the comic books. In “The Shadow Over Westview: Part I“, I address how foreshadowing is at an all time high in this series. We now know for sure that not only does every detail actually mean something in the telling of this story; but when the light flickers…expect a big payoff by the end of the season. 

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What do you think is happening? Is it Mephisto? Is The Monkees song, “Daydream Believer” hinting at Mephisto’s lackey, Nightmare? Or Is it Wanda changing reality all on her own? Continue to follow The Illuminerdi as we peel back the layers on this onion and leave a comment with your thoughts below or on our social media. Be well. Manchild out.


Source: ScreenRant


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